Our Services

Market Research

Customer Segmentation • Industry Research • Target Market Research • Focus Group Analysis

Understand your target audience with in-depth analysis on your industry. We collect data, analyze and generate insight, and deliver key solutions curated for your goals.

Strategy Analysis

Go-To-Market Strategy • Pricing Strategy • Market Opportunity • Product Positioning

Discover where your brand fits in its market. We determine ways that your product is unique and how it can thrive.

Brand Strategy

Brand Narrative • End-to-End Marketing Campaigns • Creative Content Marketing

You know who you are, but our team will curate your authentic story to audiences who care about you. We bring color, typography, messaging, and imagery together to tell your story.

Digital Marketing - Paid

Paid Search Advertising (Google & Bing) • Paid Social Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest)

Accelerate your brand awareness and show key offerings to customers looking for brands like yours. We strategize and closely monitor paid advertising for your brand. We invest every dollar in your budget for 2X ROI.


UX/UI Design • Visual Branding • Graphic Design • Interaction Design

An image is worth a thousand words. Our team of designers will use audience-centered design systems to create intuitive experiences for your customers. Let’s walk your customer through a visual journey they’ll never forget. 

Digital Marketing - Earned

Social Media Campaigns • Organic Content Strategy • Content Calendars • Search Engine Optimization (Keyword Research, Website Auditing, Website Copywriting)

Build an organic audience through your digital channels. We make sure you're showing your best self through your social media and website through SEO, creative content, copywriting, and social media.

Our Process

Our team of strategists will focus on understanding your project's goals. We value every step of the consulting process and break it down into the following - please note that these can and will adjust based on your project needs.

Label Key


1-3 Weeks

Project Types:


Marketing Campaign


Research is the first and most crucial step to building a strong foundation for your strategy. Our team of strategists and designers will hone in on who your audience is, their behavior, and what they’re looking for from brands like yours. This includes data-mining, analyzing consumer trends, and conducting focus groups to understand audience intentions beyond the surface level. 

1-3 Weeks


Marketing Campaign


With our data-backed insight, we’ll begin strategizing solutions and campaigns that meet your business goals. We’ll quantify your large-scale goals into actionable and measurable objectives. From conducting a social media rebrand to target the Gen Z audience or digging deep into solving SEO issues, we got you covered. 

1-3 Weeks


Marketing Campaign

Production & Campaign

After presenting our strategy to you, the fun part finally begins! We’ll begin implementing our strategy with a week-by-week timeline to measure goals, success, and roadblocks. Our team will be utilizing industry-best practices in your brand. Your success is our success, and we take pride in helping achieve your business goals.

5-6 Weeks

Marketing Campaign

Closing Impact

To wrap up, our team will provide a strategy impact showcasing our research and impact, takeaways from our strategy, and next steps for your company based on our insight. We'll send you off with a folder of deliverables in hand.

1-2 Weeks


Marketing Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the client application process work?


Applications are collected through our Work With Us page. If there's a match, we will reach out via email to schedule a time to video call to learn more about your business goals as they relate to strategy or marketing. Our team will draft a scope of work with our advisors and schedule a time to run through the scope of work with you - sign, and you're officially a Gaucho Creative client!

Why work with Gaucho Creative?


Gaucho Creative is a curated space that breeds leaders and collaborators. Both our members and alumni have unique interests and skill sets that create an extremely diverse perspective - both during their college experiences and beyond. Not only are we able to provide a perspective unlike any other, but we're also able to provide research-backed (both quantitative and qualitative) suggestions for Gen Z from those who know Gen Z best.

When do you accept applications?


We accept applications year round! We will reach out prior to our fall, winter, or spring quarters.

Do you take on pro-bono clients?


Yes! Throughout the year, we take on 1-2 registered non-profit clients that are aligned with our mission. If you're interested in work for your non-profit, send us an email at hello@gauchocreative.com.

What happens after I sign the scope of work?


You will be introduced to your Account Manager, who will aid you with any and all communication between your team and ours. Internally, depending on the project specifications, we will form a team with approximately 8 Digital Strategists, Creative Strategists, and Designers, whose strengths and interests are catered to the project needs.

Still have questions? Reach out at hello@gauchocreative.com.